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The Best Automatic Weapons In Fallout 76

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Automatic Weapons are a Weapon Category inFallout 76. Automatic weapons include a wide variety of weaponry ranging fromgunpowder-based weaponry like the Assault Rifle to Energy Weapons like theLaser Rifle. Apart from food, water, medicine, armor, and most importantly, Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, Automatic Weapons are also your character’s key itemsto survive out in the nuclear wastelands.
Automatic Weapons are easy to come by, butnot all automatic weapons are created equal; some are more powerful and effectivethan others that will help you combat the many threats of the wasteland. Hereare the best ones!
1. Handmade Rifle

This is probably the most sought-afterweapon in the game; when perfectly modified — and perks are applied — it canmelt even the strongest enemies. What makes the Handmade Rifle so good is acombination of excellent stats and a range of powerful customization options.From a variety of magazines, hardened receivers, and barrel augments to itsfast fire rate and high base damage, this weapon will carry you through anyfight. It can be bought from the Watoga, Sunny, or Grahm vendor bot. Playerscan also access it as a drop after fighting settlers, Mothman cultists, Freeradicals, Yao Guai, and honey beats. Also, gamers can get it from the Big BendTunnel, the salon at Berkeley Springs, or the Charleston Capitol.
2. Gauss Minigun

The Gauss Minigun is a powerful weapon inFallout 76 that fires 2mm Electromagnetic Cartridges and is one of the mostpowerful guns you can get in the game. Compared to the standard minigun, theGauss Minigun has more power, better handling, and a much larger clip size. Youcan further increase this weapon’s damage by equipping the Ultracite ammo modto it. Also, the rifle features a charging principle. The more a gamer pressesthe trigger, the more lethal and charged the weapon is for strikes as itincreases the weapon’s damage output. There are multiple ways to get the GaussMinigun in Fallout 76, and you can be crafted once the weapon plan is purchasedfrom Mortimer or as legendary weapons once the plan is obtained.
3. Perfect Storm

Players who want to wreak havoc and destroytheir adversaries can’t go wrong with Perfect Storm. The 10mm round automaticweapon is available for both beginners in the early stages as well as veteransin higher levels. In addition, after fully modifying the weapon, be sure toequip the Commando Perk to boost the damage even further. Enjoy the satisfyingbullet plinks as your enemy’s health bar burns down to zero. Players can get PerfectStorm as a Quest reward for completing Cold Case.
4. Auto Grenade Launcher

A weapon that can end firefights with aresounding bang, the Auto Grenade Launcher is one of Fallout 76’s bestexplosive weapons. It has high accuracy and range, which, when blended withautomatic mechanics, allows it to obliterate enemies easily, clearing the wayforward in a jiffy. It has a damage area value of 107, which can be enhancedwith perks such as Demolition Expert and weapon modifications. If used inclosed spaces, it can damage the player or companion. But if you are in openareas, that is a must-have! They are to drop from super mutants and Scorchersat high levels.
5. Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun: a heavy ballistic automaticweapon that can cause extensive damage to enemies within seconds. The absolutebeast will fire and directly tear into anything it points at. It is anexcellent arsenal for gameplay that relies mainly on V.A.T.S. and consumesPower Ar500 rounds. It has a fire rate of 400 and uses 5mm rounds. Players cancustomize it with different classic effects and mods to improve itsfunctionality and performance. This mid-range weapon is obtained by variousmeans; however, it’s most commonly found on mid-game enemies, weaponcontainers, and government supply drops.
6. 50 Cal Machine Gun

The 50 Cal Machine Gun, also known asBrowning M2, is a fully automatic weapon excellent for all types of combat inthe game. The versatile and heavy gun has a good DPS, with decent damage andfire rate. Moreover, the weapon supports any type of play, and players do notneed to spin up before firing on enemies. Also, because the 0.50 rounds it usesonly require gunpowder, lead, and steel to craft, they are very easy to craft.Because the gun features decent accuracy and high power even at a distance, norobots or strange creatures can stand in Its way once it starts firing. To get50 Cal Machine Guns, players in the Appalachian wastelands will need to eithercraft or find them in this open-world survival game.
7. The Fixer

This is the ideal automatic weapon forgamers looking for some tactical action gaming. While it resembles a basiccombat gun, its 20% base damage makes it more destructive than other combatguns. Besides that, the Fixer also features additional effects like a stealthbonus that can help a gamer sneak during action without blowing their cover.There’s

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